Quality that mothers want to use /  / Safety and peace of mind are important for small families. These are products that convey motherly love.
From Japan to the World / Japanese materials and techniques have been used to make products that suit the climates and cultures of different countries.
Feelings that are embodied in the products / Easy to use, comfortable to wear, and nice to touch are all vital qualities of these products.

100% Quality Made in Japan


Japanese quality with international specifications

“We want precious people in our lives to use things that give us peace of mind.”

This sentiment is no doubt shared throughout the world, even where tastes and lifestyles are different. KUPPEE started life with the desire to bring Japanese quality to everyone who shares these feelings.

Quality with plenty of safety and peace of mind has been created to suit the climates and cultures of all countries and regions of the world. The Japanese quality of KUPPEE products has been designed with the comfort of users in mind.


Baby's wear

High-quality baby products with special emphasis on safety, peace of mind, and comfort.

Comfortable for babies ★★★★★
Easy for mothers to use ★★★★★

Pets goods

Designs of Japanese quality that attract interest are the pride of KUPPEE’s pet products.

Comfort for pets ★★★★★
Level of interest ★★★★★

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